Hosted by the Baylink Laboratory at

Washington State University

— Pullman, WA —

July 27th – 28th

Founded in 1997, Receptorfest is an annual meeting to discuss advances in research on bacterial chemoreceptors and chemotaxis.

Receptorfest 2023 will be hosted July 27th-28th at Washington State University in Pullman, WA. This friendly workshop-style meeting is a venue to present new findings, and exchange ideas, relating to bacterial chemoreceptors and chemotaxis, but adjacent topics are also welcome, such as two-component signaling systems, motility, and biofilm formation.

All participants are invited to give a seminar and registration is free (registration deadline is July 15th). We welcome participants at any career stage. Registration, the meeting schedule, and additional information on traveling to Pullman, can be found below.

Questions can be directed to:

*images generated from models published in Burt el al. 2021 (

(deadline July 15th)

    Meeting Schedule (tentative)

    July 26th (Wednesday): Arrive in Pullman and settle in.

    July 27th (Thursday): 1st day of talks, followed by dinner (location TBD).

    July 28th (Friday): 2nd day of talks.

    July 29th (Saturday): Local area hike (for those interested), and departure.

    Hotel & Taxis to Pullman, WA

    Coastal Inn

    Phone: (509) 332-0928
    Address: 928 NW Olsen St, Pullman, WA 99163

    Receptorfest participants have access to a discounted booking rate if booked prior to July 12th. 

    To reserve your discounted room, call the front office and ask for the “Receptorfest” discount.

    Pullman is most easily reached by flying into Spokane, with an hour drive south. Alternatively, you can fly directly into Pullman, if you are open to the quirks of our small airport (a few flights in and out per day).

    History of the meeting

    Receptorfest was started by Sandy Parkinson (University of Utah) and Joe Falke (University of Colorado, Boulder) in 1997.  For many years, it involved just those two groups and was called the “Intermountain Receptorfest” because both labs border the Rocky Mountains and they loved to hike them whenever they could.  The meeting was, essentially, an opportunity to mix science with backpacking trips into the Utah and Colorado wilds. The following year (1998) was skipped because the Parkinson lab moved during the summer into a new research building.  Receptorfest has taken place every year since, in one form or another, except for the Covid shutdown in 2020.

    Receptorfest has traditionally operated like a large group meeting with lots of discussion, crazy ideas, and nucleation of new collaborations. Everyone who attends typically gives a talk. In 2004, Receptorfest was attended by Mike Manson, and his students, and by Wing Lai of the Hazelbauer group. In 2005, the Taylor group joined. Every year since, Receptorfest has included more groups and venues.

    Receptorfest venues (2005 onward):

    2005: U of Colorado, Boulder

    2006: U of Utah, SLC

    2007: U of Colorado, Boulder

    2008: U of Utah, SLC

    2009: U of Colorado, Boulder

    2010: UC Santa Barbara

    2011: U of Utah, SLC

    2012: U of Colorado, Boulder

    2013: UC Santa Barbara

    2014: U of Utah, SLC

    2015: U of Colorado, Boulder

    2016: UC Santa Barbara

    2017: U of Utah, SLC

    2018: Cornell, Ithaca

    2019: U of Oregon, Eugene

    2021: Receptor Zoomfest

    2022: Receptor Zoomfest

    2023: Washington State U, Pullman