Our Values

The Baylink laboratory values the people conducting the research just as much as the research itself. Our lab values are centered on the following four obligations:

✔ We have an obligation to perform high-quality research, address impactful open questions, and publish our findings in a timely manner so that others can benefit from our work.

✔ We have an obligation to treat everyone with respect and dignity, to value different backgrounds and perspectives, and to strive for the inclusion of all peoples in science, research, and academia.

✔ We have an obligation to work together, learn from each other, compromise, apologize, and accept apologies, in the interest of making research progress.

✔ We have an obligation to tax-payers, funding agencies, and society to be ethical stewards of research funds and utilize these resources to advance human understanding of nature and medicine. 

To support junior researchers in making informed decisions on selecting a research mentor, Dr. Baylink established the Transparency in Mentorship (TiM) initiative, which makes all non-identifiable information on mentee outcomes public. This includes the total number and type of trainees mentored, the average length of time to complete a doctoral degree, the average number of publications per student, and the current affiliations of previous mentees.