About Our Research Funding

Funding for our research comes from public and private sources.

We are open to partnering with nonprofits, governments, companies, crowd-sourcing, and working with anyone committed to ethical and open research. We disclose all of our research funding sources below.

Funding Sources

2022 — Lemelson Professional Services for Inventors Award, $4,994, University of Oregon. Title: Professional Web Presence and Search Engine Optimization for Amethyst Antimicrobials, LLC

2021 — Translational Research Award, $56,734, OVPRI, University of Oregon, Title: Novel Therapeutics for the Prevention of Stomach Cancers

2020 — K99 Pathway to Independence Award, $234,840, NIAID, Title: Understanding the Molecular Mechanisms and Biological Functions of a Novel Bleach-Sensing Bacterial Receptor in Shaping Host-Associated Bacterial Populations in Response to Host Inflammation

2019 — Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award, $1,150, University of Oregon, Title: Science Outreach to Rural Oregon Universities

2017 — Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award, $183,846, NIDDK, Title: Determining the Molecular Basis for ROS-sensing by the Cytosolic Chemoreceptor TlpD from Helicobacter pylori